söndag 28 juli 2013

Brennen Leigh & Noel McKay live in Målilla

Today I went to see the great Brennen Leigh and her husband Noel McKay live in Målilla, a small town in Hultsfred county, in the south of Sweden. On the off chance that either Brennen or Noel will google themselves and wind up here, I will do the review in their native language. You're welcome!

Texas natives Leigh and McKay are at the moment touring Sweden with their beautiful acoustic country music. For some reason they are stopping by at the most odd places. For example Målilla. But they have also made stops in Varberg, Örebro and Ingatorp (A.K.A. in the middle of nowhere). They will finish their tour in Vadstena tomorrow and Degerfors on Tuesday. So there is still a chance to see them in a small town near you probably very far from where you live.

Approximately a hundred people and a couple of dogs had gathered in a rainy Målilla to see the duo. But we were also blessed with the performence of talented 16 year old Tina Jaxén who yodeled her way straight to our hearts, her singing was alright too. You can visit her blog here which also happens to be in English, great minds think alike I guess.

Tina "The Amazing Yodeler" Jaxén
When it was time for the main act to hit the stage the rain finally caved in a bit and we could enjoy the show from front row (sort of) with nothing but the sky above us. You could tell from the first strikes of their giutars that these two knew how to make music. And once they started singing it was very clear to me that this was gonna be a great show. I wasn't wrong. Their sound was oozing great old school country music. For a moment it felt like I was in the deep south. The only thing missing was a cold beer, warm weather, pick-up trucks, tumbleweeds, people in cowboy hats and/or dungarees and people who believe in the Bible. But other than that, just like the south!

Not excactly crowded.
Over all it was an awesome show with two clearly very gifted musicians. Their new album is out now and you can get it at their upcoming shows or probably order it somewhere, what do I know. You can however listen to Brennen Leighs amazing album The Box from 2010 on spotify, it is full of beautiful songs.

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